NGO “Podolian Agency for Regional Development” (hereinafter NGO “PARD”) provided activities since 2007. NGO “PARD” is actively cooperating with international donor partners. Among the largest projects implemented in recent years: "Laboratory of e-Democracy", 2018-2020 (UAH 2,760,000.00), funded by the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation, the project "Safe community - common interest, shared responsibility" in 2018, funded by the Renaissance Foundation; ( UAH 684,130.00), the project "Decentralization brings better results and efficiency" (DOBRE), 2018 (1,900,800.00) and others. In addition, UN-funded  is project "Development and implementation of the Program for building capacity building for local self-government of target communities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions under the UN Program for Reconstruction and Peacebuilding", the budget is 102590.00 USD and EU-funded project " is Cluster "Apple Way" and others.

Starting from February 24, 2022, the NGO “PARD”has been involved in the process of helping to internally displaced persons (IDPs), ambulance doctors, activists and representatives of territorial defense. During the war, we joined forces to provide assistance and humanitarian assistance to the needs of people affected by the war and staying in Vinnytsia. We took under our care two Shelters and signed the Memorandums of Cooperation with Vinnytsia Interregional Higher Vocational School and Vinnytsia Center for Vocational and Technical Education №1. In particular, as of May, 278 people live in the shelter at the Center for Vocational and Technical Education №1 in Vinnytsia, and 2,645 IDPs who stay in the shelter for 1-2 days receive permanent assistance. 300 people live permanently in the Vinnytsia Interregional Higher Vocational School, and from February to May more than 2,000 people received shelter in transit.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with Punsk community, we handed over a cargo bus (

Thanks to cooperation with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, the Association of Ukrainians in Poland, friends from Milan, partners from Chernivtsi and many others, we were able to provide shelters with appliances (washers and dryers, used kitchen equipment), food, services, living rooms.


Thousands of refugees come from hotspots. From February, 24 till to May, 7,700,000 were forced to become IDPs in Ukraine due to Russian aggression. As of May, according to a report by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, there are more than 55,000 people displaced from the hotspots of the military conflict in Vinnytsia Oblast, of whom 17,600 live directly in Vinnytsia.

On February 28, 2022, representatives of the NGO “Podolian Agency for Regional Development” appealed to the director of CPTO №1 who has already organized a reception for migrants. We saw that food and bed are important on the first day, but in 2 days there is a need to wash clothes, calm and protected from others, talk to relatives, psychological help and hundreds of other needs. With the help of initiative groups and charitable organizations, the gradual development of aid elements was organized. The desire to help systematically - prompted to develop a system of steps to build a quality and friendly life. Decent life.

The system of decent living involves the development of solutions in such areas as:

- creation of conditions for employment of internally displaced persons;

- provision of life;

- integration of shelters into the general shelter management system, which will eliminate duplication of functions and reduce the burden on shelter employees.

We will win this war not when the military reaches the state border of Ukraine, but when the people who chose Ukraine in need - felt good, proper life and began to shape the future. The future of Ukraine.


The fragmented system of assistance and the polysystemic situation solve the humanitarian problem only in the first steps, but in fact it needs maximum conservation of the state of temporality and the feeling of humiliating status of "IDPs".

Transition from a system of simple assistance to a system of decent living. We are trying to build this model and need help in it.

Front Office

Contact resource center

Sociological package (needs study)

Psychological service

Social service and legal support.

Logistics service (accommodation and support)

Back Office

Logistics Center (processing of humanitarian aid, providing shelters with the necessary solutions, products, goods and services, delivery)

Food Processing Center (processing of raw materials into shelter products and production of long-term storage products)

- Vegetable processing module

- Bakery

- Meat processing module

- Dairy module (Dairy kitchen for IDPs)

Consortium of social enterprises and shelters (formation of important for the provision of shelters and needs of displaced persons services, goods, products).

Rehabilitation Сampus Сenter(RСС) to restore psychological balance and loss of physical health. 



Halyna Seheda, Executive Director

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