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Sergiy Zhadan in Vinnytsia reads his poems from his new book» «Mary’s Lifе»


This time  at  Polish- Ukrainian discussion platform, which was held  on  April 28th  came  poet, writer and translator Sergiy Zhadan. He was presenting his new book “Marry’s life”.He is also  travelling  all around Ukrainian cities  in the framework of a project “ War and Culture: Enemies’ dialogue.

"Mary’s life " – is a new book of poems and translations of  Sergiy Zhadan . According to the author , this book is about love and hate. "the book is  special because it  was written as a diary - in a short period of time. It is in  particular contrasts combination of internal and external , light and dark . "

First a press-conference were held in Vinnytsia press-club , during which  Sergiy  Zhadan  told that the presentation of the book has been  planned in 33 Ukrainian towns. Vinnytsia is the 21st town in its journey. Sargiy Zhadan told about book “ Mary’s Life” which contains  of  80 texts  60 author’s  poems  and 20 translations of   Czeslaw Milosz  poems.

“There are a lof of quite publicist things  and events  dedicated to  eastern Ukraine, t Donbass events , poems about  war. Also  lot of poetry, intimate poetry, private. The book was made  as a diary, and it looks like some of my reflections on what had happened around for the last time ", - says Sergey Zhadan.

According to Zhadan’s words  the idea to make a presentation of a book during travelling all around Ukraine came to рші mind to see the life of country,  what does the country worry about.

“ It  seems to me  that now we should try to listen to such voices and to understand that even during War time, when Ukraine is facing such difficult times , you need to be yourself, you need to stick to things which formed us before War started and will continue forming us after the war ends. We have to remember that War will end one day  and we will stay with our dignity, with our faith and our knowledge” – noticed Zhadan.

Sergiy Zhadan also had a meeting with students of Donetsk National University.

Zhadan told students that  the trip  during the presentation of the book will give a push to new creative work because meeting with people give  a lot of impressions which he wants to write about.

Sergiy Zhadan rejects that people in Donbas do not like all Ukrainian. According to his words Ukrainian literature has the same sells as in other Ukrainian cities.

“ I think that there are no people in Ukraine who don’t understand Ukrainian language, there are people that pretend that they don’t know it. If you are speaking Ukrainian and it looks natural but not as if you want to others to pay attention to you. I am sure that people will understand you.” – says the writer.

Sergiy Zhadan read poems to students and even those, which were written on the East of Ukraine a year ago.

As  admitted the editor of the book  Olexander Boychenko, "the easiest task during the war - to hate others. The hardest thing - to reach consensus. But we have to try in other case War will never end. To get understanding you must communicate. With everyone about anything the main thing is not to lose humanity.