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In Vinnytsia was created office of reforms


In each oblast by the initiative of Government and  Oblast State administration was created office of reforms which is going to be an informational intermediary between those who implements reforms and those who are connected with these reforms .

13th May in Vinnytsia’s press center department of informational activity and communication of Oblast State administration  were held a presentation of regional office of reforms which  which brought together experts from various fields of operation of public life, and it is also has to inform  with the technology  of forming communities.

The main aim is to help Oblast State Administrations on the way of reforms. Thus, reform’s offices will give informational and organizational support for Oblast State Administration on questions of creating territorial bases of local self-government.

According to the words of executive head of Vinnytsia Regional Department “ Association of towns of Ukraine “ Vladuslava Filatova, “Department  Association of towns of Ukraine “directs all its efforts to ensure that local communities have an economically secure life. Office of reforms also deal with the problems of local communities.

The Head of Reform’s office in Vinnytsia oblast became an executive head of NGO “ Podolian Agency for Regional Development” Oleh Levchenko.

“ Representatives of Reform’s office in Vinnytsia oblast  are going to explain how the decentralization  of Authority is going to happen on local lever, help to convey to each  citizen of Vinnytsia  information about positive changes  which will be created with the help of reform” – said O. Levchenko

In Office of reforms except of its Head also will work experts who will be responsible for the areas of financial arrangements expediency of unification, communication between them and between center and spreading the whole information.

The main task of this structure -to become a catalyst for decentralization of power in Ukraine. This group of experts at the first stage will provide organizational, consultative and informational assistance to communities - they will go to "t people" to explain the essence of the reform and the benefits of unification of communities.